Our Partners

Our Partners

A Fruitful & Grateful 2023

It’s been a fruitful and grateful year for JCCI Singapore Foundation!

We are honoured for the awards.                                               

(1) Friend of the Arts @Patron of the Arts Awards (POAA) 2023   (2) Charity Bronze Award @Community Chest Awards 2023

These achievement belongs to all JCCI members who have donated generously to the Foundation for making contributions to the local community as ONE JCCI!

We strive to continue our best efforts to make meaningful differences to the development of arts, culture, sports and education in Singapore, as well as to promote the exchanges between Singapore and Japan! 

Scholarship, Sponsorship & Extraordinary Donation Awards 2022 

On 7 Dec 2023, the Foundation announced to award 3 local students with scholarships for one-year study programmes in Japan (Waseda University and International Christian University) next year.

Also, it announced the sponsorships towards 29 projects taking place in 2024 with a total amount of S$291,850. 

Our contributions to Singapore society would not be made possible without the generous donations from JCCI Singapore members!

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Study in Japan

Have you ever wondered how is it like to study in Japan? Are you keen to go for it? Read on for more information.

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Learn Japanese Language

What are the benefits of learning Japanese language? For keen learners, this is for you!

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Work in Japan

Find out about the trend of working in Japan.

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