Our Partners

Our Partners

Sponsored Project – Off / On: Everyday Technology that Changed Our Lives, 1970s-2000s (Presented by National Museum of Singapore)

Step into this immersive showcase and explore how everyday technological tools changed and shaped the lives of Singaporeans from the 1970s to 2000s. Set against the backdrop of the nation’s industrialisation and rapid transformation period, the showcase takes visitors through familiar local settings at home, work and other social spaces with a small, yet specially curated selection of technology icons from Singapore’s past.

Presented as part of the National Museum’s Collecting Contemporary Singapore initiative that aims to broaden the museum’s efforts in documenting diverse perspectives of contemporary Singapore. Find out more at www.go.gov.sg/offon.

JCCI Singapore Foundation is proud to be one of the supporters of this exhibition!

On 16 December 2021, JCCI Singapore Foundation announced sponsorships of S$229,000 to 19 projects in the fields of arts, culture, sports and education for 2022. In the opening address, Chairman Mr Takeshi Oshima expressed his sympathy towards the local community facing the continued challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. On behalf of the Japanese business community in Singapore, out of the its usual mandate, the Foundation pledged S$50,00 to  The stART Fund – initiated by the National Arts Council and S$50,000 to Friends of Children and Youth (FOCY) supported by the Community Chest. Also, 3 local students were awarded fully sponsored scholarships for one-year study at Waseda University and the International Christian University.

Community Chest Awards 2021 – Charity Silver Award

The annual Community Chest Awards was held online on 19 October 2021. JCCI Singapore Foundation humbly received the Charity Silver Award from the Community Chest for our extraordinary donation to The Invictus Fund in FY2020. We sincerely thank JCCI members who supported our contributions to the local community with their generous donations!

Sponsored Project – SDSC’s Majulah, Tokyo 2020 and beyond

The JCCI Singapore Foundation has been an ardent supporter of the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) since 1997. In early 2018, SDSC started the ‘Majulah, Tokyo 2020’ campaign to raise awareness about disability sports and the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

This has been carried out through Project Abilities, where SDSC runs a variety of outreach programmes such as Learn-to-Play programmes, to introduce sports to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). JCCI Singapore Foundation is also a founding supporter of a new bursary programme, Majulah Para Sports Bursary, that will support the ambitions of PWDs who are keen to pursue sports.

JCCI Singapore Foundation’s support over the years has exposed many PWDs to the joy of sport, and, has contributed to the discovery of many sporting talents. Most recently at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games that ended on 5 September, 10 athletes across 6 sports represented Singapore. They won two gold medals, set seven personal bests and five new national records. Tokyo, and the interactions with Japanese officials and volunteers, will remain etched in the memories of the athletes forever. SDSC is thankful to Japan for being wonderful hosts and we look forward to more wonderful experiences created together in the future.

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